We give you a drag’n’drop File Manager, featuring a variety of handy applications like an inbuilt picture viewer and a variety of file editors. You can easily make instant uploads, archive/unarchive files, change permissions and far more. The resources are well–organized and simple to browse through with huge action control keys and right–click context navigation. Take a look at the diverse software tools and characteristics built in the USA Web Hosting 2020 File Manager.

Drag ’n’ drop file upload options

Move data files to your web sites with ease

The File Manager in your Website Control Panel boasts a fast, drag–and–drop function that will let you move files between your computer and your website hosting profile without having to use an FTP tool. You can drag files from your computer and drop them in your Website Control Panel with a click of the mouse by using a risk–free SSL connection.

The drag–and–drop characteristic is built–into the Website Control Panel, so you will not need to deploy any third party software to employ it. It also works well on all popular Operating Systems, so all you have to do to apply it is log into your File Manager.

Hepsia File Manager

Right–click context menus

All file administration choices readily available

We have always given our best to make File Manager as intuitive as possible, so it’s possible to come up with adjustments for your files. Apart from the common command bar near the top of the web page, we have now in addition included right–click contextual menus with all the general file managing choices. Just click on a file or directory and select the activity that you would like within the list that will turn up.

You are able to rename, copy, move, download, edit, preview, archive, unarchive and delete any file or folder you decide with just a mouse–click. In the event you click on a directory, you can also make a completely new directory or file inside it.

The right–click option is conveniently obtainable whenever you pick different files or folders at the same time.

Hepsia File Manager

Archive/Unarchive files

Handle large files conveniently

Because of the internal archive/unarchive solution, the File Manager will allow you to deal with huge files without having to use FTP. You’ll be able to pack a directory into a lightweight size by clicking on the Compress button or get the items in an archived directory through the Extract button. When compressing a folder or a number of files, it is also possible to choose the archive extension (.ZIP, .RAR or .TAR.GZ) and also the name of the archive file.

Hepsia File Manager

Online file editors

The best method to update your files

Our File Manager enables you to change your files directly on the hosting server without the need to download, adjust and then re–upload them. It’s possible to adjust your files directly on the net, by using USA Web Hosting 2020’s built–in editors. We provide you with a code editor using syntax emphasizing for your .JS or .PHP files, a WYSIWYG editor for HTML files, and then a standard text editor for more competent users.

You have access to every file editor when using the right–click context menus. All of the alterations made to the files will be shown immediately online – you can directly examine them inside the web browser.

Hepsia File Manager

A logical folder structure

All of your files organized with an intuitive manner

Each of the files in your web hosting account are structured into folders. Each web host does have its main folder, that employs the file hierarchy that you’ve created. Using this method, it is easy to control all of your current hosts from a single location without chance of becoming lost or baffled.

By default, you will notice all the hosts indexed in a table and if you mouse–click once over a specific host, you’ll see all the sub–folders and files associated with it. By clicking on twice, you will visit a page that is devoted to that host only. An additional way to load the folder pertaining to a certain host and then to work with it exclusively, is to try using the drop–down menu towards the top of the primary File Manager file table.

Hepsia File Manager

A user–friendly interface

A File Manager made for real people

Making use of all of your files is instinctive and effortless making use of USA Web Hosting 2020 Website Control Panel. You are going to enjoy a file administration atmosphere that’s very close to your desktop PC’s file explorer. It is possible to drag & drop files and handle them with a right mouse–click. With the inbuilt review option, you will see images exactly like they will be online, and through the included file editors you could make transformations in your files right away.

If you’d like guidance controlling your files, you are able to consider the big set of articles and how–to educational videos, that you can access with simply a mouse–click.

Hepsia File Manager

Work with multiple files

Change different files all at once

It’s easy to handle a huge amount of files all at once making use of the multi–selection capacity of the USA Web Hosting 2020 File Manager. All you need to do is actually hold down the Control key and click on the files or folders that you want to choose. In order to choose a range of files/folders in a row at the same time, click the first file/folder, hold down the Shift key and afterwards pick the final file or folder within the selection.

When you have selected the required files/folders, you can drag them to a different location, or apply diverse actions to them making use of right–click contextual menu as well as the buttons near the top of the file table.

Hepsia File Manager

Quick & simple password protection options

The simplest way to guard your data

To password–protect a folder on your web site, you need to create an .htaccess file by yourself. Expectedly, this could be time–absorbing and complex if you are not well–trained in Linux hosting. When using the File Manager, you can create a password–protected directory and conceal all its contents from any users with simply several mouse–clicks.

All you have to undertake is right–click a directory, pick Password Protection and after that choose the Add option. And then simply identify a user name as well as a pass word. No additional configuration is required and there is no reason to contend with an .htaccess file. Our system will manage everything for you.

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