The thorough web analytics statistics inside your Website Control Panel will aid you to watch virtually all activities on your websites. You will get up–to–the–minute information about the load generated in your web hosting account along with the website traffic they have on an hourly, weekly and monthly basis. You’ll also find information regarding our system in general including the physical IP address, the Operating System, the variations of PHP and MySQL and others. All the information is categorized in sections as a way for you to locate it.

Server Specifics

Check the hosting server’s OS, IP address, etcetera.

In the Stats Manager part of the Website Control Panel, you’ll get live info on the server such as the Operating System that’s utilized or the real IP address of your web hosting account. Also, you’ll find beneficial details for your own web design projects like the latest editions of PHP, MySQL and Perl, as well as the running Perl modules. Mailing server information like the sendmail path or the incoming and outbound emaill servers is also provided.

All of the web hosting server data is presented in a comprehensible fashion so you can easily locate the information you need.

Hepsia File Manager

Access & Error Records

Easily locate any website functionality problems

The Access and Error Stats capture info about the hosting server, including details of hosting server access plus the sorts of issues detected during web server operation. You will find both types of info about the functionality of your websites in the Stats Manager part of the Website Control Panel.

The access log shows each of the text files, image files, video clip files, etc. that individuals already have wanted to see with your site, and the error log reports all of the warnings and faults the hosting server has experienced since the log file was made.

Hepsia File Manager

Website Reports

The ultimate way to monitor visitors’ behaviour

When you operate a booming website, it is important to know a lot about visitors – what number of unique visitors your web site gets, how many site visitors go back to your website, just what keyword phrases people utilize to locate your site, etcetera. In the Stats Manager area of your Website Control Panel, you can get 2 traffic stats tools – Webalizer and Awstats that will assist you to discover all the info you will need.

The instruments involve actually zero installation. After your site is online, they will start gathering data without any effort required from you.

Hepsia File Manager

CPU Statistics

Track your websites’ server load

The web server’s CPU is critical for the interaction between your website and its site visitors. The more complicated and resource–consuming your sites are, the more server resources and server operation time will be necessary for them to perform.

Within the CPU stats part of the Website Control Panel, you will be able to monitor the usage of CPU resources accumulated by each of your websites. This will help you take prompt measures and optimize your web sites in case the CPU consumption allowance is exceeded. You can view detailed CPU stats for each day and month or even for a full year.

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